Engagement Method

Find the Engagement Method that Suits Your Needs

Set your engagement goals. Choose from our numerous engagement methods to help you maximize your ad objective:

Cost per Install: (CPA, CPL)

Good for getting huge exposure for your ads by funneling a huge amount of visitors. Campaigns results are based on per 1000 visitors that view your ads.

Cost per Action: (CPA, CPL)

A combination of cost effective exposure while also including engagement action as well. Campaigns results are based on the number of visitors that have clicked on your ads.

Cost Per Lead: (CPL)

Get huge exposure using full screen interstitial ads. Campaign results are based on the number of views for your ad.

Cost Per Click: (CPC)

For the client that needs more cost effective exposure of their product or service, this engagement method focuses on any clicks on the ad campaign. This metric is reserved for banner creatives.

Cost Per View: (CPC, CPV)

For the business that needs just pure exposure for their brand or business, this engagement method gives clients the lowest rates for each ad impression. This method is reserved for full page ads.