Monetize Your Sites with the
AdPreference Mobile Platform

Engagement Monetization

Publishers that have quality content can monetize their website by promoting our advertisements. Simply add our Javascript code to your website to start making money from your traffic.

Publishers have run over 10,000+ campaigns through the AdPreference platform. Available ad units include: native, rich media, video, and app walls. AdPreference advertisers in over 150+ countries and regions across the world.

Our monetization program's advantages include:

  • Fast and frequent payment (weekly payouts, $50 minimum)
  • Exclusive campaigns that provide maximum payments
  • A mix of CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns to choose from
  • Real-time eCPM adjustments with our big data-driven system to optimize your earnings

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Interstitial Ads

With AdPreference's full-screen interstitial ad unit, your banner/video ads will grab the attention of millions of visitors.

Interstitial Ads
Looks great on every device

Banner Ads

AdPreference allows publishers to choose from over 10 different banner ads that can be directly implemented into their websites with Javascript code.

Native Ads

Our native ads allow you to fully customize the ad experience to your users by making an ad's image and text assets (such as icons, headlines, descriptions) available separately.

Looks great on every device